About Fudoshin

What is Fudoshin Karate Kai ?

Fudoshin Karate Kai is an All Styles Association that was established in 1988. Since then, The association has steadily grown to become a prominent Karate organisation in Great Britain. ‘Fudoshin’ can be translated to mean “an immovable mind, a mental state to meet any situation with composure”

What Styles of Karate are represented ?

Wado Ryu Karate – this style was developed by Professor Hironori Ohtsuka who was the world’s grand master of the martial arts until he died in 1982 aged 90. Wado Ryu translates to mean WAY OF PEACE. Our senior instructor in the Wado Ryu Style is Sensei Ken Dicks 8th Dan.

Shukokai Karate – this style was developed from Shito Ryu and Gojo Ryu. It was formed by Dhojiro Tani in 1950, and introduced to the UK in the mid 1960’s. The word Shukokai means A WAY FOR ALL. Our senior instructor in the Shukokai Style is Sensei Geoff Miller 6th Dan.

How often should I train ?

Ideally, a student should train at least twice a week. Of course, training at home, in between sessions will improve your standard, and is positively encouraged.

How do I advance, and how long will it take me to reach black belt ?

Advancement is determined by your success in passing grading tests that are regularly conducted. It is estimated that a black belt could be achieved after 4 years of regular training. As always though, promotion is relative to an individuals’ potential and effort.

To attain a black belt, a student must successfully advance through the lower and intermediate belt classes (Kyu grades) designated as follows : –

White or Red Belt – 9th Kyu / Yellow Belt – 8th Kyu / Orange Belt – 7th Kyu / Green Belt – 6th Kyu / Blue Belt – 5th Kyu / Purple Belt – 4th Kyu / Brown Belt – 3rd Kyu, 2nd Kyu, 1st Kyu

What does Fudoshin offer me as a member ?

Our Federation holds regular courses throughout the year when ALL members are encouraged to join together to train. Our annual National Championships give members the opportunity to meet and compete.

Members are also kept up to date with Fudoshin activities and forthcoming events via its regular free newsletters, and via its web site. Social events are also held on regular occasions to promote the Federation.

What are the opportunities for competition ?

Fudoshin is an association that also promotes Karate as a competitive sport. Students who show an interest in competition are encouraged to attend our regular Tournament Training Sessions where they can train along side the Fudoshin squad under the expert instruction of our many successful instructors. As members of the English Karate Federation, Fudoshin receive invitations to many competitions throughout the country.

When can I start training and what do I need ?

You may start training as soon as you have completed a club application form, and the instructor is satisfied that you are a suitable student. After a period of about a month, you will be invited to become a full member of the FKK, and asked to complete a Licence application form, of which your instructor will advise you of during the first few weeks.

Initially you will only need a white Karate gi (Uniform).

What is expected of me ?


You will need to be in reasonably good health. If you suffer from any illnesses or allergies, you will need to discuss these with your instructor BEFORE you commence training. Above all, it is imperative that you have a real desire to learn Wado Ryu Karate, and improve yourself.

It is extremely important that you follow correct dojo etiquette at all times, and that you also show your Sensei (instructor) respect at all times, and listen carefully to all instruction given.

What are the chances of being injured during training ?

The chances of receiving an injury are surprisingly small, since your training will be constantly and strictly supervised by experienced instructors. If a student does pick up a slight injury, but wishes to continue training, then they should inform the instructor at the beginning of each lesson, until the injury has healed.

In a sport such as Karate, accidental contact, although minimal, is at times inevitable. For this reason, students engaging in sparring, should wear gloves or mits, groin guards (especially males) and gum shields. Protective arm and leg pads are also recommended but not essential.

Will I be covered by any kind of insurance if I get injured ?

As a matter of policy, ALL members have to be in possession of a CURRENT FKK licence. This automatically gives you insurance cover. Students are reminded however, that they MUST ensure that licences are kept current and up to date, and renewed BEFORE they expire.

Will my age be a disadvantage ?

Absolutely NOT. Each student practices the art of Karate according to their own individual abilities. Regardless of age, sex, size, or disability, we firmly believe that Fudoshin can cater for all students, and enhance their physical, as well as mental well being. The federation currently has members whose age ranges between 6 and over 60.

What benefits will I gain ?

As a traditional Japanese art of self defence, Wado Ryu Karate is a discipline that will build confidence as well as develop your physical and mental ability. Fudoshin Karate Kai offers both the traditional style and the competitive aspects of Karate in its training programme. What ever your reason for taking up the sport, whether it’s to compete in tournaments, or simply a way of keeping your mind and body fit and healthy, we can and do, cater for all.

Fudoshin are members of the English Karate Federation