Brown Edge

Sandy Lane Centre
Sandy Lane
Brown Edge
Stoke on Trent

07989 476913

Sensei Gareth Nixon - 2nd Dan
Tuesday 6:45pm till 8:30pm

Please arrive for lessons at least 10 minutes BEFORE the start time.


“Moorlands Karate Club, based at the Sandy Lane Centre in Brown Edge, Stoke on Trent is run by Gareth Nixon. The style taught is Shukokai, a modern style of karate focusing on effective body mechanics to generate maximum power and speed, and also control.

The club has a friendly atmosphere, and is family orientated. All ages are welcome; kids, teens, adults and seniors. Everyone can benefit from learning karate, whether it be from improved fitness, coordination, discipline, confidence or a way to rejuvenate your body and mind and meet new people.

The prime goal of karate is to keep people safe. That can mean knowing when and how to avoid danger, or having the confidence and presence of mind to deal with a confrontational situation tactfully, or as a last resort, being able to effectively utilise your skills in self defence, or in defence of others. It is character building, and after all, the best way to avoid most conflict is to be fair, level headed and have the sort of character that does not invite antagonism.

“Whatever you want to get out of it, the benefits you realise equate the effort and time you put in to your training, and I’m here to make sure that you have the right sort of environment, guidance and encouragement to learn. I look forward to meeting you, Tuesday evenings 6.45 to 8.30pm.”

Sensei Gareth Nixon