Fudoshin Karate Kai Etiquette

It is tradition in Karate to bow into at the doorway of the main training room every time you enter or exit the room. This signifies respect.

Donโ€™t be late, as this is disrespectful to your instructors. If on the odd occasion you happen to arrive late, kneel at the side of the dojo until instructed to join the class by your instructor. You should always aim to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the scheduled training time of each and every lesson.

For you safety and the safety of others, don’t wear jewellery when training. All rings and watches MUST BE REMOVED before hand. Do not eat, chew gum or go to smoke during you training sessions, even during breaks.

When you are asked to move from one room to another, do so as quickly as possible, in a responsible manner. If training is still in progress when you enter please keep to the sides of the room you are entering and stand still without talking and await to be called forward by the Instructor in the room.

Be serious in your efforts, no flippancy or chattering when you should be listening to your Instructor and concentrating solely on your karate – You can and should be always looking to improve your technique. Train hard in everything you do. This also applies to the time while warm-ups are taking place as at this stage the training session has began.

Kiai – This should not be a word but a sound usually either “Ei” or “Ouse” However you decide, your Kiai should be short, sharp and most of all loud.

DOJO KUN (Dojo Maxims)

These Maxims are motto’s, the spirit of which serious students of karate should try to follow if they wish to gain the maximum from their training. The Maxims exemplify an attitude which dictates a way of life.

“Reisetsu O Mamori” (Stick to the rules). In the Dojo good etiquette must be observed by following the rules.

“Shingi O Omanji” (A student must have loyalty to his instructor). This is the most important thing.